Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago
Reception: Thursday, May 31, 6-8 pm
June 1 - September 23, 2018
Curated by Tatiana Flores
Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery
Columbia University
New York

Relational Undercurrents is the first major survey of twenty-first-century art of the Caribbean. It employs the archipelago as an analytical framework, focusing on locating thematic continuities in the art of the Caribbean islands, placing Hispanophone artists in visual conversation with those from Anglophone, Francophone, Dutch, and Danish backgrounds.

Relational Undercurrents works against traditional understandings of the Caribbean as discontinuous, isolated, and beyond comprehension as a result of heterogeneous populations, multiple linguistic traditions, and diverse colonial histories. Instead, Relational Undercurrents is divided into four sections: Conceptual Mappings, Perpetual Horizons, Landscape Ecologies and Representational Acts. Each grouping features artists whose works have informed and shaped those themes. Relational Undercurrents includes painting, installation art, sculpture, photography, video, and performance.

It is accompanied by a lavishly illustrated catalogue with essays by curators, critics, and scholars that discuss particular artistic traditions in Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican, and Haitian art, and theorize the broader decolonial and archipelagic conceptual frameworks within which such works are produced. The catalogue is coedited by Flores and Michelle Ann Stephens, Professor of English and Latino and Caribbean Studies at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. Stephens is co-editor of Archipelagic American Studies, also published by Duke University Press.

Video SUR
Contemporary Latin American Video Art Program
From February 16 until March 12, 2018
Open from noon to midnight everyday except Tuesdays
Le Tarmac
Palais de Tokyo

Artesur returns to Palais de Tokyo with a video art program designed as a kaleidoscope. For Video SUR, Artesur’s team invited active collectives and independent structures from South America to offer a selection of artist’s videos. Plural and multipolar, this program offers an immersion in the contemporary Latin American art scene through the eyes of the actors who make the artistic life of the continent, encourage and support it. Hence, this program is an opportunity to discover new artists, and with them, places and networks that accompany them in their research and experimentation. is a website dedicated to the contemporary art in Latin America, founded in Paris, France, by independent curator Albertine de Galbert. Hosted by Beam Prod, Artesur has been designing curatorial and cultural cooperation projects since 2010.

Video SUR Design & Coordination by Ananay Arango & Elena Lespes Muñoz

Collectives & Independientes Structures:

La Embajada – Mexico
Artists : Melissa Guevara – Jesús Hdez-Güero – María Raquel Cochez – Edgar León – Guillermo ‘Habacuc’ Vargas – Regina José Galindo – David Perez Karmadavis – Antonio Pichilla – Deborah Castillo – Jason Mena – Enrique Jezik

Proyectos Ultravioleta – Guatemala
Artists : Johanna Unzueta – Javier Bosques – Hellen Ascoli – Alberto Rodríguez Collía – Jessica Kairé – Jorge de León – Gabriel Rodríguez – David Perez Karmadavis – Manuel Chavajay

TEOR/éTica – Costa Rica
Artists : Lucia Madriz – Stephanie  Williams – Roberto Guerrero - Roberto Guerrero – Marton Robinson

Despacio – Costa Rica
Artists : Carlos Fernandez  – Javier Calvo  – Abigail Reyes

EspIRA – Nicaragua
Artists : Darling López Salinas  – Miguel Díaz  – Elyla Sinvergüenza  – Patricia Belli  – María Félix Morales  – Ricardo Huezo – Federico Alvarado – Virginia Paguaga

BIS – Oficina de Proyectos – Colombia
Artists : Ana Maria Millán – Colectivo Maski – Adrián Gaitán – Juan Obando – Alberto Lezaca – Monika Bravo – Gustavo Toro – Tatyana Zambrano – Roberto Ochoa – Lina Rodríguez Vásquez

CaldodeCultivo – Colombia

Micromuseo – Peru
Artists : Ana Rosa Benavides – Christian Bendayán – Patricia Bueno, Susana Torres – Íntegro – Chiara Macchiavello – Jaime Miranda Bambarén, Erasmo Wong Seoane – Carlos Morelli, Melissa Herrera – Carmen Reátegui – Carlos Runcie Tanaka – Giancarlo Scaglia – Maya Watanabe – Moico Yaker

Residência Artistica Cambridge – Brazil
Artists : Ícaro Lira, Isadora Brant et Fernanda Taddei

OLHO – Brazil 
Artists : Letícia Ramos – Ana Vaz – Tamar Guimarães

Galería Ruby – Argentina
Artistes : Malena Pizani – Josefina Labourt – Julián Gatto

Y.ES Contemporary – El Salvador
Artists : Verónica Vides – Crack Rodriguez – Victor Hugo Portillo

Arte Actual FLACSO – Ecuador
Artists : IrinaLilianaGm – Valeria Andrade – Alex Schlenker – José Antonio Guayasamín

BARRO – Argentina
Artists : Amalia Ulman – Agustina Woodgate – Nicola Costantino – Martín Legón

Die Ecke Arte Contemporáneo – Chile
Artists : Nicolas Rupcich – Claudia Joskowitz – Enrique Ramirez – Marcela Moraga – Johanna Unzueta – Francisca Benítez – Catalina Baeur – Alejandra Prieto

La Ene – Argentina
Artists : Nina Kovensky – Sofía Gallisá Muriente – Leandro Tartaglia, Francisco Marquez, Santiago Villanueva – Básica Tv – Fernanda Pinta, Federico Baeza

Press Release: Español | English | Français

Brochure: Français

Entropia Urban
8 de febrero de 2018
Centro de la Imagen
Ciudad de Santo Domingo

La Fundación Imagen 83 y el Centro de la Imagen invita a la inauguración de la exposición "Entropia Urbana" de nuestra colección, la misma se llevará a cabo el día 8 de Febrero del presente año en el Centro de la Imagen, en la calle Arz. Merino 464, Santa Barbara, Ciudad Colonial, a las 7,30 P.M., en la Ciudad de Santo Domingo.