XVIII Bienal de Pintura Rufino Tamayo
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca

La Secretaría de Cultura, el Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, la Secretaría de las Culturas y las Artes de Oaxaca a través del Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Internacional Rufino Tamayo, el Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca y la Fundación Olga y Rufino Tamayo, A.C., te invitan a la XVIII Bienal de Pintura Rufino Tamayo.

Artistas: Jason Mena, Octavio Rangel Ramirez, Marita Guadalupe Terríquez Oliva, Gerardo Monsiváis Flores, Raul Aguilar Canela, Virginia Ledesma Martinez, Rolando Gómez Sosa, Charles Glaubitz Gonzalez, Paul Muguet Maubert, Allan Hernández Villavicencio, Jorge Juan Moyano Gómez, Jerónimo Rüedi Alvarez, Francisco Muñoz Pérez, Juan Carlos Caloca Carbajal, Catalina Salcedo Ortiz, Ángela Leyva Gómez, Silvia Mayoral Molina, Luis Miguel Amador Moreno, Paulina Jaimes Padilla, Yutsil Cruz Hernández, Carlos Enrique Pérez Bucio, Veronica Baltadano Perez, Cecilia Barreto Aguilar, David Alejandro Meraz Valdez, Saúl Gómez Jiménez, María Concepción Guadalupe Sada Villarreal, Armando de la Garza Garza, Tania Esponda Aja, Rafael Rodríguez Cruz, Cristopher Contel Lima, Cristobal Gracia Garrido, Luis Enrique Ramírez, Hampshire Santibáñez, Victor Del Castillo Mier y Teran, Javier Areán Álvarez, Renata Leticia Gerlero Estrada, Jorge Andrés Palos Ramírez, Emilia María Díaz Vega, Francisco Javier Jimenez Hernandez, Omar Miguel Mañueco Cuevas, Sandra Del Pilar, Mauricio Gómez Vélez, Sinohe Sidharta Figueroa Rojas, Philip Edward Nevin Bordes, Bouchan Castro José Rigoberto, Patricia Maria Henriquez Bremer


Guatemala: Discrepancia de Facto
Curaduría: Marlov Barrios
Viernes 17 de agosto / 18:30 hrs.
Galería del Centro de Fundación G&T Continental

La muestra es una presencia y construcción discursiva colectiva, que pone en contexto y fricción la obra de artistas contemporáneos que de manera espontánea han decidido tener un diálogo con la circunstancia social, política y cultural de Guatemala en el presente.

Fundación G&T Continental es una institución no gubernamental, no lucrativa, sostenida por el aporte de donaciones de las empresas financieras de la Corporación G&T Continental, constituida legalmente en 1993, reconocida ante la Superintendencia de Administración Tributaria de Guatemala.

Está dedicada a la documentación, conservación, protección y divulgación del patrimonio cultural y artístico de Guatemala.

Marcos Agudelo (Nicaragua)
Erick Boror (Guatemala)
Maria Raquel Cochez (Panamá)
Luciano Goizueta (Costa Rica)
José David Herrera (El Salvador)
Jorge Linares (Guatemala)
Jason Mena (Puerto Rico)
Ana Lucrecia Muñoz (Guatemala)
Crack Rodriguez (El Salvador)
Arturo Solís (Guatemala)
Alê Souto (Brasil)


Anything Could Happen at Any Time
Curated by Jacquelyn Strycker
Reception: Thursday, July 12 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Friday, July 13 - Saturday, August 4
School of Visual Arts (SVA)
Flatiron Gallery
New York

School of Visual Arts (SVA) presents "Anything Could Happen at Any Time", an exhibition of work by MFA Art Practice students.

The SVA Flatiron Gallery is SVA's campus gallery in Flatiron. Located at street level at 133/141 West 21 Street, it offers matriculated students a fully equipped venue in which to exhibit their work, either as part of a department-organized show or by applying to the Office of SVA Galleries.

Anything could happen at any time.

In ten minutes, a losing lottery ticket could become the hull of a ship.

And then you could be forced to throw all of your worldly possessions overboard, to save yourself as it sinks.

Anything could happen at any time.

You could step through a painted time machine.

Attain a mobile American Dream.

The finite and toxic resource that is simultaneously sustaining and killing you could run out.

Anything could happen at any time.

You might look into a briefcase, see a lumberjack chopping wood, and then realize that you’ve been transformed into a log.

A person could evaporate, leaving behind only the salt of his sweat in his shoes.

Anything could happen at any time.

You could make a wish that becomes another person’s destiny.

Anything could happen at any time.

What does right mean? What thing am I doing? Where? And when?

Anything could happen at any time.

The artists in this exhibition created works that imagined and responded to the unpredictable—illness, natural disaster, economic collapse, and crises. They at once contemplated both the beauty and the inauspiciousness of the Zen notion that control over our own fates is an illusion.

Artists: Leora Armstrong, Nicholas Bertozzi, Curtis Grynkewicz, Ezra Hubbard, Giulia Mangoni, Nicole McMahan, Jason Mena, Maya Resheff, Isa Wang


Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago
Curated by Tatiana Flores
Reception: Wednesday, June 27 7:00 - 9:00 pm
From June 28 to September 23, 2018
Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling
New York City

Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago features recent works by more than 80 artists with roots in more than a dozen islands of the Caribbean. Curated by Tatiana Flores and presented in conjunction with Columbia University's Wallach Art Gallery, Relational Undercurrents was initially conceived as part of The Getty Foundation’s Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA and debuted at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, California. Relational Undercurrents encompasses painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation and performance art.

Artist on view at Sugar Hill: Firelei Báez, Christopher Cozier, Ricardo de Armas, Humberto Díaz, Scherezade García, Adler Guerrier, Jeannette Ehlers, Frances Gallardo, Marlon Griffith, Quisqueya Henríquez, Nadia Huggins, Karlo Andrei Ibarra, Deborah Jack, Miguel Luciano, Jason Mena, Charo Oquet, Marianela Orozco, Fausto Ortiz, Manuel Piña, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Roberto Stephenson, Juana Valdes


Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago
Curated by Tatiana Flores
Reception: Thursday, May 31, 6:00 - 8:00 pm
From June 1 to September 23, 2018
Columbia University Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery
From June 28 to September 23, 2018
Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling
New York City

Columbia University’s Wallach Art Gallery is proud to present the far-reaching survey exhibition Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago, on view from June 1 through September 23, 2018. Featuring recent works by more than 70 artists with roots in more than a dozen islands of the Caribbean, the exhibition is being presented by the Wallach at its new home on Columbia’s Manhattanville campus, in the Lenfest Center for the Arts. The Wallach is dividing the large-scale presentation with its neighboring institution in West Harlem, the Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling, which will show its own portion of the exhibition from June 28 through September 23.

Relational Undercurrents encompasses painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation and performance, grouping the works into four thematic sections: Conceptual Mappings, Perpetual Horizons, Landscape Ecologies and Representational Acts.

Central to the concept of the exhibition is the understanding that despite the variegated colonial histories of the islands represented—Aruba, the Bahamas, Barbados, Cuba, Curaçao, the Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Puerto Rico, St. Martin and Trinidad and Tobago—thematic continuities run through the contemporary art that has arisen from them. By focusing not on individual islands but on the sweep of the archipelago, the exhibition proposes a way to look at today’s Latin American art starting from the perspective of the Caribbean rather than the mainland.

Curator Tatiana Flores has written, "The exhibition draws analogies to initiatives in literary studies that seek to locate a distinct Caribbean poetics…in spite of the narrative of difference, fragmentation, and heterogeneity that dominates the popular imaginary."

"Since New York enjoys one of the largest pan-Caribbean populations in the world, it's crucial to engage with the rich contemporary art connected to our city," said Deborah Cullen, director and chief curator of the Wallach Art Gallery. "This exhibition also provides students and scholars a special opportunity to access English, Dutch, French and Spanish production all in one place." Relational Undercurrents advances—and responds to—the groundbreaking survey exhibition Caribbean: Art at the Crossroads of the World that was organized in 2012 by El Museo del Barrio (where Deborah Cullen was director of curatorial programs at the time) and presented in conjunction with The Studio Museum in Harlem and the Queens Museum of Art. Relational Undercurrents is curated by Tatiana Flores, Associate Professor of Art History and Latino and Caribbean Studies at Rutgers University, who received her Ph.D. from Columbia’s department of art history and archaeology in 2003. The exhibition is accompanied by a comprehensive full-color catalog.

About the Miriam & Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery
Established in 1986, the Wallach Art Gallery is the University's premier visual arts space. We are a platform for critically acclaimed exhibitions, a dynamic range of programming and publications that contribute to scholarship. The Wallach Art Gallery advances Columbia’s historical, critical and creative engagement with the visual arts. Serving as both a laboratory and a forum, the Wallach Art Gallery offers opportunities for curatorial practice and discourse, while bridging the diverse approaches to the arts at the University with a welcome broader public. We present projects that are organized by graduate students and faculty in the department of art history and archaeology or by other Columbia scholars, focus on the contemporary artists of our campus and communities and offer new scholarship on University special collections.

Artists on view at the Wallach: Elia Alba, Allora & Calzadilla, Ewan Atkinson, Nicole Awai, David Bade, René Emil Bergsma, Samir Bernárdez, Jorge Luis Bradshaw, Ernest Breleur, Charles Campbell, María Magdalena Campos-Pons, Tony Capellán, Fermín Ceballos, Vladimir Cybil Charlier, Camille Chedda, Nayda Collazo-Llorens, Natusha Croes, Tony Cruz, Blue Curry, Maksaens Denis, Jean-Ulrick Désert, Humberto Díaz, Edouard Duval-Carrié, Jeannette Ehlers, Edgar Endress with incarcerated Haitians, Sofía Gallisá Muriente, Lilian Garcia-Roig, Maria Elena González, Andil Gosine, Marlon Griffith, David Gumbs, Quisqueya Henríquez, Sasha Huber, Charles Juhasz-Alvarado, Jean-Luc de Laguarigue, Marc Latamie, Glenda León, Sofia Maldonado, Carlos Martiel, María Martínez-Cañas and Kim Brown, Jason Mena, Ibrahim Miranda, Kishan Munroe, Angel Otero, Raquel Paiewonsky, Lynn Parotti, Manuel Piña, Jorge Pineda, Barbara Prézeau, Jimmy Robert, Glenda Salazar Leyva, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Nyugen Smith, Lisa C Soto, Ellen Spijkstra, Sandra Stephens and David Sansone, Didier William.

About the Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling
The Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling is a contemporary art museum for children rooted in principles of social justice. We strive to strengthen our culturally rich neighborhood with space where children and their families grow and learn about Sugar Hill, and the world at large, through dialogue with artists, art, and storytelling. Designed by internationally acclaimed architect David Adjaye, the Museum opened in October of 2015 as the cultural capstone of the Sugar Hill Project, a multi-use building developed by Broadway Housing Communities (BHC) which includes permanent affordable housing for individuals and families, and the Sugar Hill Museum Preschool.

Artists on view/also on view at the Sugar Hill Children’s Museum: Firelei Báez, Christopher Cozier, Ricardo de Armas, Humberto Díaz, Jeannette Ehlers, Frances Gallardo, Scherezade Garcia, Marlon Griffith, Adler Guerrier, Quisqueya Henríquez, Nadia Huggins, Karlo Andrei Ibarra, Deborah Jack, Miguel Luciano, Jason Mena, Manuel Piña, Marianela Orozco, Charo Oquet, Fausto Ortiz, Ebony G. Patterson, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Roberto Stephenson, Juana Valdes, Limber Vilorio.

Joiri Minaya will create a site-specific installation at Miller Theatre at Columbia University, August 2018-June 2019.

Media Contacts:
Eve Glasberg, eg2731@columbia.edu, 212.854.8336
Lewis Paul Long, lpl2121@columbia.edu, 212.854.6800

Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago has been organized by the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), Long Beach, California for the Getty Foundation’s PST: LA/LA initiative.



Infraleve: Lo que escapa a la mirada
Del 31 de mayo al 30 de junio del 2018
Curaduria por el departamento de Estética y Arte (MEyA) de la Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP)
Museo de la Memoría Histórica Universitaria

Infraleve: Lo que Escapa a la Mirada fue curada por la generación 2018 de la Maestría en Estética y Arte de la BUAP con el objetivo de homenajear a uno de los artistas más célebres de Francia, Marcel Duchamp, así como de vincular a la sociedad poblana con actividades académicas de gran impacto culturale. La muestra consta de tres ejes curatoriales unidos por una idea gestada por Duchamp entre 1912 y 1920, que hace referencia a las energías perdidas en la contemplación del arte y "al resquicio de la imagen".

¿Dónde se halla lo infraleve? ¿Dónde radica ese rastro, eso tan infraordinario y que de alguna manera nos determina como seres humanos? El objetivo de nuestra exposición es precisamente preguntarnos por aquello que pareciera habernos dejado de sorprender pero que siempre está ahí, anclado en nuestra propia cotidianidad y que por el contexto actual tan tecnológicamente acelerado se nos escapa. De lo que se trata es de volver la mirada a esos rastros que permanecen en nosotros aunque no los percibamos. El asombrarnos de la vida por sí misma, de lo que es. Este asombro por ende, permitirá que podamos construir el rompecabezas de nuestras propias existencias individuales.

Infraleve: Lo que Escapa a la Mirada inaugura en el Museo de la Memoria Histórica Universitaria el 31 de mayo a las 17:30 horas y permanecerá hasta el 30 de junio, con horario de visita de 10:00 a 17:00 horas. Tendrá actividades alternativas como un ciclo de cine denominado "Intermitencias Urbanas", charlas con artistas, investigadores y talleres.


Video SUR
Contemporary Latin American Video Art Program
From February 16 until March 12, 2018
Open from noon to midnight everyday except Tuesdays
Le Tarmac
Palais de Tokyo

Artesur returns to Palais de Tokyo with a video art program designed as a kaleidoscope. For Video SUR, Artesur’s team invited active collectives and independent structures from South America to offer a selection of artist’s videos. Plural and multipolar, this program offers an immersion in the contemporary Latin American art scene through the eyes of the actors who make the artistic life of the continent, encourage and support it. Hence, this program is an opportunity to discover new artists, and with them, places and networks that accompany them in their research and experimentation.

arte-sur.org is a website dedicated to the contemporary art in Latin America, founded in Paris, France, by independent curator Albertine de Galbert. Hosted by Beam Prod, Artesur has been designing curatorial and cultural cooperation projects since 2010.

Video SUR Design & Coordination by Ananay Arango & Elena Lespes Muñoz

Collectives & Independientes Structures:

La Embajada – Mexico
Artists : Melissa Guevara – Jesús Hdez-Güero – María Raquel Cochez – Edgar León – Guillermo ‘Habacuc’ Vargas – Regina José Galindo – David Perez Karmadavis – Antonio Pichilla – Deborah Castillo – Jason Mena – Enrique Jezik

Proyectos Ultravioleta – Guatemala
Artists : Johanna Unzueta – Javier Bosques – Hellen Ascoli – Alberto Rodríguez Collía – Jessica Kairé – Jorge de León – Gabriel Rodríguez – David Perez Karmadavis – Manuel Chavajay

TEOR/éTica – Costa Rica
Artists : Lucia Madriz – Stephanie  Williams – Roberto Guerrero - Roberto Guerrero – Marton Robinson

Despacio – Costa Rica
Artists : Carlos Fernandez  – Javier Calvo  – Abigail Reyes

EspIRA – Nicaragua
Artists : Darling López Salinas  – Miguel Díaz  – Elyla Sinvergüenza  – Patricia Belli  – María Félix Morales  – Ricardo Huezo – Federico Alvarado – Virginia Paguaga

BIS – Oficina de Proyectos – Colombia
Artists : Ana Maria Millán – Colectivo Maski – Adrián Gaitán – Juan Obando – Alberto Lezaca – Monika Bravo – Gustavo Toro – Tatyana Zambrano – Roberto Ochoa – Lina Rodríguez Vásquez

CaldodeCultivo – Colombia

Micromuseo – Peru
Artists : Ana Rosa Benavides – Christian Bendayán – Patricia Bueno, Susana Torres – Íntegro – Chiara Macchiavello – Jaime Miranda Bambarén, Erasmo Wong Seoane – Carlos Morelli, Melissa Herrera – Carmen Reátegui – Carlos Runcie Tanaka – Giancarlo Scaglia – Maya Watanabe – Moico Yaker

Residência Artistica Cambridge – Brazil
Artists : Ícaro Lira, Isadora Brant et Fernanda Taddei

OLHO – Brazil 
Artists : Letícia Ramos – Ana Vaz – Tamar Guimarães

Galería Ruby – Argentina
Artists : Malena Pizani – Josefina Labourt – Julián Gatto

Y.ES Contemporary – El Salvador
Artists : Verónica Vides – Crack Rodriguez – Victor Hugo Portillo

Arte Actual FLACSO – Ecuador
Artists : IrinaLilianaGm – Valeria Andrade – Alex Schlenker – José Antonio Guayasamín

BARRO – Argentina
Artists : Amalia Ulman – Agustina Woodgate – Nicola Costantino – Martín Legón

Die Ecke Arte Contemporáneo – Chile
Artists : Nicolas Rupcich – Claudia Joskowitz – Enrique Ramirez – Marcela Moraga – Johanna Unzueta – Francisca Benítez – Catalina Baeur – Alejandra Prieto

La Ene – Argentina
Artists : Nina Kovensky – Sofía Gallisá Muriente – Leandro Tartaglia, Francisco Marquez, Santiago Villanueva – Básica Tv – Fernanda Pinta, Federico Baeza

Press Release: Español | English | Français

Brochure: Français


Entropia Urban
8 de febrero de 2018
Centro de la Imagen
Ciudad de Santo Domingo

La Fundación Imagen 83 y el Centro de la Imagen invita a la inauguración de la exposición "Entropia Urbana" de nuestra colección, la misma se llevará a cabo el día 8 de Febrero del presente año en el Centro de la Imagen, en la calle Arz. Merino 464, Santa Barbara, Ciudad Colonial, a las 7,30 P.M., en la Ciudad de Santo Domingo.