X International Call for Young Artists
Tuesday, August 5 - September 15, 2008, from 8 - 11 pm
Galeria Luis Adelantado

As is becoming a habit at the Gallery during the month of August, we will be presenting the exhibition with the artists selected for the X International Call.

The call is born with the firm commitment to promote and to support the artistic creation, as well as to promote all those new media that shape our contemporaneousness.

Like every year, the level of participation has been quite high, with a total of 630 portfolios, many being from Latin-America and Europe. The selection has like always, been based on the criteria of internationality, quality, professionalism and above all originality that has nothing to do with nationality, gender or style. This year being the tenth anniversary, we wanted to make a small change in the selection, that in past edition has been more numerous in the order of 30-35 artists. So the number of artists in this edition has been reduced to 12, in order to give room to more spacious projects and to give the artists the possibility to develop their individual creations to a larger extent.

Through this call, our intention is to get in touch with the new generation of artists and to give them the opportunity to develop their work in a professional environment. At the same time, this is an opportunity for the gallery to know by first hand, what is going on in the area of the most contemporary art. As a result, creating a line of collaboration with new artists, that can end up forming part of the group of the artists of the gallery. We would like to thank all those that throughout the years have presented their interest in the gallery and to express our satisfaction with the quality of the presented works and portfolios. Finally and although we have to admit that it has been very difficult to leave out proposals that we found interesting, encouraging those to try again in future calls, we can say that the result is very varied and of very high standards.

The Gallery Luis Adelantado, a five-story building located in the historical center of Valencia, is dedicated to the promotion and diffusion of contemporary artists of international relevance. The galleries activity is particularly focused on the support of young artists whose work is guided by the latest trends within the panorama of today's plastic and visual arts.


Trends: Aspects of Latin American Contemporary Art
Curated by Milagros Bello
March 28 – March 31, 2008
Merrill Lynch Arteamericas
Miami Beach Convention Center

Trends: Aspects of Latin American Contemporary Art at Merrill Lynch Arteamericas is a curatorial project led by Miami-based curator, Milagros Bello. This curatorial project has already become a landmark for Latin American Contemporary Art in the city. Countless generations of artists, well known and emergent, have been selected by the curator to show in the different editions of Trends, since its first presentation in 2003 at the legendary location of the Coconut Grove Convention Center.

Trends: Aspects of Latin American Contemporary Art in its 2008 edition juxtaposes multiple narratives and intercrosses ideological standpoints, crystallizing and mirroring critical world issues. Traditional methods and practices are dislocated. Each artist this year, in his/her own way, questions reality and interrogates the purpose of the world. From Installation Art, Digital Photography, to Video Art and Performance, this project is dominated by an objectual approach in which artifacts, industrial materials, found objects, form the expressive core of the works.

In Trends the artists show their creative impetus and prove their accomplishment through diverse approaches to post-contemporary art, including installation, digital photography and performance. This year’s edition includes a special edition of Video Art.