Hold the Line 2020
Single-Channel Video, color, sound
16:9 Full HD, 00:01:57, 30 fps

A line was traced with a chalk marker along the left handrail of a downward moving escalator while standing at its landing platform until the line connected to its beginning, forming a continuous loop.

Performed in Mexico City at Aquiles Serdán Metro Station in the direction of Barranca del Muerto during the first days of the 2020 coronavirus lockdown, Hold the Line aims to suggest a sense of preserve, keep or maintain against the pressures of a difficult situation. While the title and the site may conjure visions of brave soldiers defending a position against an onslaught, the source of the metaphor in fact comes from American Football and the line of scrimmage, where the ball sits at the start of each play, beyond which each team would rather not see its opponent progress.