It’s easy to loosen a tie but it’s hard to put one on.

Stock images of neckties were encoded into sounds through a process called sonification, an auditory rendering technique that involves sweeping the image from left to right and top to bottom, generating sounds that represent the fabric's shape, position, and color patterns. The changes in data are mapped to variations in pitch, amplitude, and tempo, creating auditory cues that capture the visual patterns' essence.

For the production of the video, images were sourced from the Mitchells Men’s & Women’s Specialty Online Store and then processed using Adobe Photoshop to remove their original backgrounds and saved as PNG files. Image to Audio conversion tools was then used to create the audio, which was saved as WAV files. Various sonification and sound visualization software were employed to generate an archive of waveforms, spectrums, and sonograms for future reference. Finally, all the files were compiled into a single-channel video loop using Final Cut Pro X.

Year: 2007
Medium: Single-channel video loop, color, sound
Resolution: 4K, 3840 x 2160 px
Duration: 00:03:00, 30 fps
Direction: Jason Mena
Sound: Jason Mena
Dimensions: Variable
Editions: 3 + A/P