Jason Mena is a research-based, idea-led artist whose work is representative of the uneven consequences of colonial extraction and expansion across the Americas that have emerged as a result of centralized systems of financial control. Since the early 90s, Mena's comprehensive process has been characterized by resource-conscious employment of gestures and materials, while also using his body as a measuring instrument integrated into the environment. A large part of his work takes place in public and open spaces, taking photographic annotations in his wanderings and video to record performative actions and site-specific interventions. His studio practice allows him to resolve aesthetic and conceptual issues, which at times take the form of provocative cultural and political statements — what he refers to as "poetic documents" — to question ideas of use and value and the structures that hold them in place. Regardless of medium, Mena intends for the work to hold a character that is simple by nature, even mundane yet with the potential of being interpreted from a political, historical, poetic, or formal viewpoint.