Fault Line 2012
Single-Channel Video, color, sound
4:3, 00:02:24, 30 fps

A line to define a space, a line as measurement, a line as geology, a line as history, a line as representation, a line as architecture, a line as structure, a line as invisibility, a line as visibility, a line as mirror, a line as temporality, a line as fault.

Fault Line shows the artist tracing a line, or marking "fissures" over facades in the area surrounding the Conjunto Urbano Nonoalco Tlatelolco housing complex in Mexico City, the largest of its kind in Mexico and second largest in the Americas. The ephemerality of the chalk, and steady continuity gesture, reflects a kind of silent, on-the-ground ritual to resurrect, from the area's infrastructure, the decisive histories of student protest and structural damage from earthquakes that occurred there.