Fault Line

A line to define a space, a line as measurement, a line as geology, a line as history, a line as representation, a line as architecture, a line as structure, a line as invisibility, a line as visibility, a line as mirror, a line as temporality, a line as fault.

A line was traced with chalk to replicate a "fissure" across the exteriors of buildings situated in the vicinity of the Conjunto Urbano Nonoalco Tlatelolco residential complex located in Mexico City, which is regarded as the most substantial residential complex in Mexico and the second-largest in the Americas. The ephemerality of the chalk, and the steady and seamless movement, accentuate the fleeting nature of the work while also reflecting a kind of silent, on-the-ground ritual to resurrect, from the area's infrastructure, the decisive histories of student protest and structural devastation from earthquakes that occurred there.

Year: 2012
Medium: Single-channel video, color, sound
Resolution: 4:3, 640 x 480 px
Duration: 00:02:24, 30 fps
Dimensions: Variable
Edition: 3 + A/P