An ongoing series of paintings based on the X mark, with each painting measuring 35 x 48 cm. The color combinations in the series range from black and white to a variety of colors. The surface of each painting is smooth and opaque, with no visible brushstrokes or edges between the colors, resulting in a non-hierarchical, perfectly symmetrical, and evenly distributed composition. The series aims to challenge systems that attempt to assimilate, neutralize, or marketize dissent through the use of negation and withdrawal. The work follows the tradition of negation in art, which seeks to maintain the autonomy of art and preserve it as a distinct form of aesthetic and intellectual achievement and a means of resistance against the heteronomy of capitalist exchange.


Year: 2012-Ongoing
Medium: Enamel on masonite
Dimensions: 13.75" x 19" | 35cm x 48cm ea.