Negation (X) 2012-Ongoing
Enamel on masonite
13.75" x 19" / 35cm x 48cm each

The tradition of negation in art, as defined by its asocial nature within the context of capitalism, plays a crucial role in maintaining the autonomy of art as a distinct form. This is achieved through the positioning of the art as being "disconnected" or "disjointed" with both its place in the world and within its own traditions. This drive for autonomy is essential for the preservation of art as a tradition of aesthetic and intellectual achievement, as well as a means of resistance against the heteronomy of capitalist exchange.

The first work in this series, whose variations are based entirely on the X mark, was painted in 2012 and has since become a kind of iconic feature in the artist's practice. The color combination of the now 40+ paintings of this motif, always in the small format of 35 x 48 cm, ranges from black and white to an infinite combination of colors. The smooth and continuous surface of each painting is opaque, bearing no signs of brushstrokes or edges between the colors, re-establishing the relationship between foreground and background into a decidedly non-hierarchical composition, perfectly symmetrical, and evenly distributed. Everything is itself and its opposite.