Failed States

Documentation of a performative, where the body is employed as a geopolitical metaphor and ultimately subjugated to its immediate surroundings.

The group of industrialized countries known as G-7 holds significant political, economic, and military influence on a global scale. Its membership consists of Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom. The G-7 was established in March of 1973 when, at the behest of George Shultz, then Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, finance ministers from the United States, Japan, West Germany, France, and the United Kingdom met. Italy was subsequently incorporated into the group in 1975 during a summit held in the Château de Rambouillet in France, while Canada joined two years later at the summit held in the Dorado Beach Hotel in Puerto Rico.


Year: 2011
Medium: Lightjet color photographs on matte paper
Dimensions: 76cm x 114cm ea.

Documentation by Pedro Castillo Lopez.