Sidosi (A Language Without Words) 1995-2008
Fiber-reinforced plastic, resin, MDF, computer, amplifier, loudspeakers, cables, milk, sound
Variable dimensions

Based on the constructed language of Solresol, this electronic interlingual and sonorous installation uses a computer interface that produces random intervals of low frequencies ranging from 25 to 150 Hz (Hertz) to generate a musical conversation. Devised by François Sudre from 1817 until his death in 1866; Solrerol (Language) is the first artificial and only musically-based interlanguage. This obscure system of communication can also be deciphered through visual patterns, similar to a Chladni Plate, that emerge from sound frequencies oscillating a shallow pool of milk on the surface of each of the three enclosures that make up the work.


Sidosi 1995-2008 
Installation at Carmen Correa Gallery in Puerto Rico.