Sidosi (A Language Without Words)

Drawing on the constructed language of Solresol, this electronic installation represents an interlingual and sonorous endeavor that utilizes a computer interface to generate random intervals of low frequencies, spanning from 25 to 150 Hz (Hertz), with the aim of producing a musical dialogue. Originally formulated by François Sudre between 1817 and 1866, Solresol constitutes the earliest and only interlanguage predicated exclusively on music. Although this enigmatic mode of communication may also be decoded through visual patterns, akin to those found on a Chladni Plate, arising from sound frequencies that cause a shallow pool of milk to oscillate atop each of the three enclosures comprising the installation.


Year: 1995-2008
Medium: Fiber-reinforced plastic, resin, MDF, computer, amplifier, loudspeakers, electrical components, milk, sound
Dimensions: Variable

Installation at Carmen Correa Gallery, Puerto Rico.