The State Illusion 2002
Single channel video 16:9
Duration: 00:02:20

What happens if we directly look at the sun? Our bright star reflections allow us to see things, colors and forms. The illumination produced on the objects makes them visible to our eyes and allows us to establish a multiplicity of relations with them. The excess of illumination, emitted by the sun, bewilders our sight and creates blind fields in our perception. Light is, at the same time, source of clarity and reason for concealment of a vision field.

The light spectrum reflects geometrical abstract forms that create luminous constellations of an imperceptible field between pure light and surrounding clarity in the composition. This image produces in the viewer a durable strength. The spectator thinks over its components: the light, the sun, the sky, the space, the architecture and the urban landscape. He also reflects on the political and economic system, and on all the myths related to the sun. An everlasting reflection is the one about the opposing forces of cosmology and cosmogony. For science, the sun is a gas giant that emits light and heat, located at the center of one planetary system in a universe. For religion’s phenomenology “it is a fact that daytime regime of spirit is dominated by the solar symbol”. Since ancient times, divinities have been related with the sun as life giver, and the one allowing growth and movement on Earth. Anyways, no matter how we look at it, the sun is always there.

Excerpt from essay: Blind Fields by Alejandro Sordo Guzmán for the exhibition, Blind Fields at Laboratorio Integrado de Comunicaciones de la Universidad Metropolitana UMET, Puerto Rico.

The video was shot at the Roberto Sánchez Vilella Government Center (Minillas) facing the North Tower of the Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico (Banco Gubernamental de Fomento BGF) located in San Juan.