Victoria Sobre El Sol (Victory Over The Sun) 2017
Single-Channel Video, color, sound
16:9 Full HD, 00:05:52, 30 fps
Camera: Pablo López Monzón
Assistance: Jorge Linares & Marlov Barrios, MANIFESTO-espacio & Joss Pinto

A found mirror was used to shine the scorching sun directly onto Guatemala's Coat of Arms on the facade of three government buildings in Guatemala City: Palacio de la Policía Nacional (Palace of the National Civil Police); Palacio de Comunicaciones (Palace of Communications); Palacio Nacional de la Cultura (National Palace of Culture). These buildings were constructed by indigenous workers under the Ley de Vagancia (Vagrancy Law) forcing them to work for the state without pay during Jorge Ubico Castañeda's authoritarian rule from 1931 to 1944.

Victoria Sobre El Sol (Victory Over The Sun) 2017
Documentation of Performance