Lights out for the territory 2006-2012
80 color slides and slide projector
dimension variable

Graffiti is and has always been an overtly political act. It’s purpose: to claim ownership of the public space by denouncing social and political inequalities. Considered by many as a form of defacement, graffiti is perhaps one of the only true democratic mediums, at times sacrificing aesthetic formalism for ideological substance. But its invasion into the urban landscape is also plagued by another type of subversive act; its erasement, which is as much of a political act as the writing on city walls. The graffiti’s erasement at times makes it even more conspicuous. In any case, both are acts that stand for transgressions on our urban landscape.


Lights out for the territory 2006/2012 
80 color-slides of obscured ideological graffiti in the streets of Mexico City